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The action behind the action

A great event is one you never forget, it’s an experience that you tell your friends and family about and one you share with colleagues or even strangers. Most people think events just happen, they don’t realise how far in advance the planning really starts, or that there’s actually still work to be done after the big day. At zooom, we like to keep this illusion alive because we believe that nobody at the event should be thinking about the organization except the organizers (that’s us).

A mountain of experience

Our events team is full of people that love doing things like spreadsheets and making lists and organizing those lists into various spreadsheets, which is great when you’re producing events on a global scale for mass audiences. When it comes to planning, promotion, and final execution- we run your event from start to finish. As a full-service agency we can offer all your brand needs to create a buzz before, during, and after the event with everything from press releases, to content creation, to web coding for live tracking.


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Live and online

Red Bull X-Alps is the toughest adventure race in the world, pushing athletes to hike and fly a distance of over 1000km through the treacherous alpine terrain. You have to be fit, determined, and possibly a little crazy to enter a race like this; however, the athletes aren’t the only ones put to the test. Our challenge? The race has a start date and time; however, it could last six days or two weeks, all depending on when the athletes make it to the finish line. It also requires 24/7 coverage as it is one of the most dangerous races in the world, but it takes place in some of the earth’s hardest-to-reach areas. All of this, on top of the standard aspects to factor in when organizing a race.

We took the event online by creating the advanced Live-Tracking feature on redbullxalps.com, where fans, family, and the media could follow the event as it happened, because what’s a race without spectators? Our team was there to transform real-time footage and stories into exciting on-the-go content for the website, social media, international press, global TV & radio stations; ensuring that every piece of communication was up-to-date.

Partnering with sponsors is an important part of any event and we ensure that our sponsorship packages are more than just a logo on a poster; we like doing things a little differently, like putting your name at the top of a famous mountain. We provide sponsorship packages that are custom-made to suit your brand’s needs, all the way from product branding to digital merchandising.

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The wow factor

Giving out the best adventure and action sports imagery trophies is way more thrilling at 2,275m high, like at the Winner Award Ceremony for Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2019, held in the spectacular LUMEN – Museum of Mountain Photography atop Plan de Corones in South Tyrol, Italy. Along with choosing a unique location, zooom produced the entire event: flying artists and athletes from every corner of the globe, partnering with renowned brands, and setting up a totally unique display in which the 60 winning images were lit up on 2x2m lightboxes, illuminating the snow.

The winning images are part of the Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour currently touring the world, which involves the co-ordination of multiple exhibitions in various cities, all running at the same time.

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Let's plan something together

Our team is ready to help you produce an event that will make your clients feel on top of the clouds; whether it’s local or global, big or small. Get in touch with us for your next brand experience.



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