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Red Bull X-Alps is the world’s toughest adventure race and it will next return in 2025. The 2023 race was a historic edition, being 20 years since the launch of the first race in 2003. Since then, the Red Bull X-Alps has revolutionized a sport, electrified millions of fans around the world, pioneered new technologies and helped many regions and brands gain wider recognition.

For athletes, it's an incredible odyssey across the Alps, hiking and flying over 1,000km. But they don't do it alone – they have a supporter behind the scenes, making everything possible. That's also how we see our partnerships – a perfect team, creating an awesome event.

Tougher together

Our team believes that a successful partnership is more than just a logo on a poster. When you join Red Bull X-Alps 2025, you join a team that is dedicated to ensuring an unforgettable event. As a partner in the race, zooom will work with you to provide credible and authentic product stories with an opportunity to reach a massive audience. The 2023 edition saw 265,535,226 contacts reached on social media platforms alone.

There are a range of sponsorship options available whether you are a brand looking to promote your product; a tourism region interested in becoming a Turnpoint partner; or perhaps even creating your own line of Red Bull X-Alps branded products like the limited edition Suunto 9 watch or the Salewa clothing collection. Check out the Red Bull X-Alps gear store to see how we’ve partnered with brands such as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Salewa, Skywalk and Sunnybag.

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“The Red Bull X-Alps is a truly unique event and one that we are proud to have been involved with since 2015. It is much more than an adventure race across the Alps. It's about connecting with individuals and stories that help us grow as a brand over the long term. Ulrich and the team understand this. They get that we don't just want to be a passive sponsor, but work together to create something lasting of real value. The Red Bull X-Alps is a massive story-telling machine and zooom always goes above and beyond to ensure our presence is visible – and noticed.”

Thomas Aichner, Marketing Director of Salewa

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“The Red Bull X-Alps is more than an adventure race. It’s an opportunity to capture the imagination of your audience and celebrate some of the world’s best mountain athletes as well as the beautiful region of the Alps in summer.”

Ulrich Grill, race co-founder and CEO of zooom productions

Non-stop exposure

Addictive features such as Red Bull X-Alps Live Tracking and a news feed that updates every few minutes means that even when the athletes are 2,000m above sea level, you can still follow every detail. It is a chance for your brand to have days of non-stop exposure and be part of an epic story that spans over 1,000km, hiking and flying between the beautiful and treacherous mountains of the Alps.

Partner Liaison

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