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Red Bull X-Alps is the world’s toughest adventure race and it’s coming back for another edition in 2023. Even with everything that has been happening, the athletes are already preparing for the most important race of their lives. This includes rigorous training and entrusting someone to be their team mate, their supporter, and ultimately someone who will be with them for over 1000km.
It’s a partnership, just like a sponsorship with Red Bull X-Alps.


Our team believes that a sponsorship is more than just a logo on a poster. When you join Red Bull X-Alps 2023, you join a team that is dedicated to ensuring an unforgettable event. As a partner in the race, zooom will work with your brand to provide credible and authentic product placement with an opportunity to reach a massive audience. The 2021 edition alone saw more than 1 billion audience contacts reached.

Be part of the action and become a sponsor. There are a range of sponsorship options available whether you are a brand looking to promote your product; a tourism region interested in becoming a Turnpoint partner; or perhaps even creating your own line of Red Bull X-Alps branded products. Check out the Red Bull X-Alps Gear Store and see how we partnered with brands like Audi, Suunto, Powertraveller, Gloryfy, Adventure Menu, RECCO, Flymaster Tracker, GoPro, and Salewa. For a full list of sponsors, please visit the Red Bull X-Alps partner site.

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You guys truly embody the projects you are working on! This is what comes to my mind when I think of zooom productions. At events like Red Bull X-Alps you turn the athletes’ breathtaking journey through the Alps into a story that grabs attention around the world. You produce stories and pictures which thrill and inspire hundred of thousands of fans all around the globe. Thus your work is not only worth every cent for your client, but also of incalculable value for SalzburgerLand as an adventurous alpine destination.

Leo Bauernberger, Managing Director, Salzburg State Board of Tourism

Watch your brand take flight

Addictive features such as Red Bull X-Alps Live Tracking and a news feed that updates every few minutes means that even when the athletes are 2000m above sea level, you can still follow every detail. It is a chance for your brand to have days of non-stop exposure and be part of an epic story that spans over 1000km, hiking and flying between the beautiful and treacherous mountains of the Alps.

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