Am Gipfel der Gaudi

The mission

While the ski resort of Flachau has a lot of trendy activities on offer year-round and targets a young audience, their marking didn't quite reflect that. The brand was somewhat generic and needed a relaunch with some added color and vibrancy.

"Am Gipfel der Gaudi": Loosely translate, 'the peak of fun!" A claim that reveals why people should come to Flachau – even if they have different ideas of what the perfect holiday should look like. We accompanied this bold claime with a colorful, playful new visual language. We developed the concept for their winter and summer brochures, producing season-specific content and imagery for high quality publications, as well as produced videos that show just how much you can have at Flachau.  

ad flachau
winter brochure flachau
web flachau
summer brochure flachau

There are three short responses to design proposals – yes, no or wow!
Wow is the one to aim for.
Many thanks to zooom for all the wows!

Andreas Fischbacher, Managing Director, Flachau Tourismus



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