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Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2019

Photographer as artist. That’s the thinking that drove us to create Red Bull Illume Image Quest – the most respected photo competition in the adventure and action sports world. As these incredible athletes earned their place on the world’s stage, so should the people who tell their stories – the photographers who go to the most extreme lengths possible to create images that grab your eye and capture your imagination. 

Over the last decade, Red Bull Illume has evolved to become so much more than a photo contest – it’s now not only a competition with over 59,000 submissions from the world’s best adventure and action sport photographers, it’s a cultural event and incredible exhibition, as the winning images travel the world, displayed in 2x2 meter lightboxes in some of the world’s most incredible cities.  

Great images deserve to be seen – that’s why we build the stage and attract an audience for the world’s greatest picture show. 

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A record is broken

The fifth edition of the world’s greatest adventure and action sports imagery contest broke records with an astounding 59,551 images submitted by thousands of photographers worldwide. 

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On top of the clouds

Winner award ceremony

Giving out the best adventure and action sports imagery trophies is way more thrilling at 2,275m high. Hosting a memorable event is all about selecting the right location and this year’s Winner Award Ceremony did not disappoint, held in the spectacular LUMEN – Museum of Mountain Photography atop Plan de Corones in South Tyrol, Italy. 

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Exhibit Tour

Indoor and Outdoor

Now that the 60 finalist images have been unveiled, they will travel around the world as part of a breathtaking exhibition in 2020.

The Exhibit Tour expands: in addition to the unique nighttime exhibition there will also be an innovative Indoor Exhibition where the 60 finalist images will be illuminated on 2x2m lightboxes. The Indoor Exhibit Tour will illuminate world capitals and cultural hubs with the greatest adventure and action sports imagery.

exhibition 1
exhibition 2



The Red Bull Illume Image Quest is the ultimate opportunity for adventure and action sports photographers to gain international recognition for their captivating images. With that in mind, zooom strategized a communications campaign that targeted everyone from the seasoned pros to the novice content creators through social media and the press – specifically within the photography, adventure and actions sports, and news communities. 



A website for an event like Red Bull Illume isn't just your regular website. It's an exercise in complex data asset management, user experience, and community building. And that's not even getting technical. 

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Key Features

  • Designed for still and moving images
  • ­­­­Manage unlimited contests in one ­­place
  • Add unlimited categories and phases to your contest
  • Customize your voting process
  • Single-Sign-On capable
  • Bulk submissions, CSV and assets bulk download, ...
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Detailed KPIs overview and CSV download
  •  Integrated e-mail system
  •  Different built in voting types
  •  Simple and advanced search features
  • End consumer, judges and editor interface Judges


On top of organising the entire competition, the final event, and the exhibition tour zooom designed and distributed the Limited Edition Red Bull Illume Photobook 2019. With only 4,000 books available, each individually numbered and stamped, the photobook honours the hard work and craft of the best adventure and action sports photographers. 




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