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Panasonic launches the new LUMIX S9

Shoot and share in a snap

In the fast-paced world of social media, standing out requires more than just creativity; it demands the right tools. The LUMIX S9 by Panasonic, a compact full-frame mirrorless camera was designed to revolutionize the world of content creation. Its innovative features, and ease of use make it the ultimate tool for content creators looking to stand out in the world of social media. 

The mission

Panasonic’s mission with the LUMIX S9 is clear: attract new users to the LUMIX full-frame ecosystem by offering a camera that meets the needs of modern content creators who are looking to enhance their social media presence and grow their followers by producing high-quality, engaging content.

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The challenge

The challenge was to position the LUMIX S9 as the top choice for content creators by showcasing its unique features and connecting with their aspirations. The goal was to spark excitement and demonstrate how the LUMIX S9 could help them achieve greater recognition and success on social media. The camera needed to be presented as an accessible, powerful tool that simplifies the content creation process, allowing users to share their work quickly without the need for complex editing.

zooom project lumix keyvisual mobile 01
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The creative approach

We approached this project with a fresh, vibrant, and contemporary strategy to resonate with our young and dynamic target audience. The claim “SHOOT.EDIT.SHARE" sums up the core message and by adopting a look and feel that is energetic, youthful, and approachable, we set the Lumix S9 apart from its competitors.

To spread the word, we developed a visually stunning campaign that highlighted the ease of use and superior capabilities of the product. From creating engaging social media posts to producing eye-catching video content, our campaign demonstrated how the S9 could help content creators enhance their social media game. We focused on real-life scenarios showing how users could shoot and share professional-quality content straight from the camera, highlighting the seamless integration of the Lumix S9 into their daily routines.

Showcasing elegance

Our in-house photo studio played a crucial role in bringing the LUMIX S9 to life visually. We crafted the concept and executed the product photography, aiming to highlight the camera's compact, premium design. The goal was to present the LUMIX S9 gently floating above a pedestal, creating a visually striking image that emphasizes its sleek and sophisticated aesthetics. The tone-in-tone aesthetic ensures a cohesive and elegant look that enhances the unique design of the camera.

zooom project lumix products group
zooom project lumix product image blue
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Proof of concept

To truly showcase the versatility and appeal of the LUMIX S9, we created real-life scenarios featuring diverse characters testing the product in their daily activities. One character, a young nature enthusiast, explored and captured the dramatic landscapes of the volcanoes in Lanzarote, highlighting the camera's ability to deliver stunning images in challenging environments. In another scenario, a group of friends ventured to the rugged and wild beach of Famara in Lanzarote, demonstrating the LUMIX S9’s capability to capture vibrant, action-packed moments. The third scenario featured a woman with a unique perspective on the world, using her camera to capture the poetry in everyday things, illustrating the camera’s ability to enhance and share personal artistic vision. 

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zooom project lumix shot with s9 swiper 05
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Creating some buzz

Furthermore, we supported the LUMIX team with creating a captivating teaser campaign for the brand’s social media channels, effectively communicating the product launch without revealing any details about the camera itself. We addressed this by featuring four models who represent our target group, showcasing their vibrant and energetic personalities. Through an engaging edit and post-production style, we generated excitement and intrigue around the launch.  The teaser was filmed in our in-house photo studio with a high quality result that perfectly aligns with the LUMIX campaign strategy. 

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