The Swiss driving experience

A new class of e-bikes

Since 2009, Swiss e-bike manufacturer Stromer has been redefining the way we commute. Their e-bikes are much more than just transportation methods; they’re a lifestyle choice and a conscious decision to protect the environment. Our many international projects together have taken us on one hell of a ride - and we wouldn’t change a thing! Here are some of our favorites.

In 2015, they asked us to rework their brand positioning in order to help them explore new markets and opportunities. Utilizing our industry knowledge, market research and strategic skills, we set out to fine-tune their brand image in a way that clearly reflected their premium character. Repositioning Stromer as an alternative to commuting by car, we came up with the claim: ‘The Swiss Driving Experience’.

ads stromer

Making ideas move

To embody Stromer’s newly revitalised brand positioning, we needed a series of communication concepts for both B2B and B2C audiences. From concept to execution, we led all aspects of the campaign. Enlisting the skills of our production team, we headed to Munich and Hamburg for a series of photo shoots, whilst our US team put together an captivating brand video across the pond.

Using the images from our photoshoot, we created a wide variety of promotional tools and a B2C campaign to position Stromer’s e-bikes as a new and more efficient solution to the daily commute. We also tailored a B2B approach for companies whose employees could benefit from both private and business-related use of the bikes.

businesspeople stromer

The e-world of e-bikes

Reworking a brand’s corporate identity doesn’t just end with a few well-executed campaigns. To achieve a consistent image across all of their communication platforms, we turned our attention to Stromer’s website. From concept and screen designs to the implementation and execution, our digital team gave their entire website a new facelift - complete with a premium look and an engaging ‘Build Your E-Bike’ feature.   

imac stromer

Something physical

When selling a tangible product, it’s sometimes nice to promote it physically too. We’ve produced a wide variety of high-quality print tools in our time; and Stromer’s catalogue was no exception. Using sleek graphic designs and stunning visuals with clear and catchy copy texts, our team was responsible for the whole production.

magazine stromer


Exhibiting your products is important, but to build awareness and push engagement you have to stand out. For the Eurobike trade show, we designed a modern and stylish exhibition booth in line with Stromer’s CI and overall brand claim. Complimented by large, eye-catching visuals and an aesthetically geometric structure, we ensured that the booth would not just be seen; but remembered.

tradeshow 1 stromer
tradeshow 2 stromer
tradeshow fullimg stromer



Whether it’s on the trail or on the road, we truly believe e-bikes are here to stay – and we’re happy to help Stromer be part of the revolution. Classic design, a smart but simple look it – it’s a bike brand that has, quite literally, power. Pedal on! 



We’re full of ideas and ready for any challenge; no matter how big or small. Jump onboard and together we’ll make great things happen.

You in?

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