Repositioning the world’s largest camera bag manufacturer comes with a lot of baggage. How do you stay true to the rich heritage of this North Californian brand while rejuvenating it at the same time?

We started the process with an in-depth analysis of Lowepro’s brand equity, its customer segments, communication tools, and competitive landscape. To support our research, we held in-depth interviews with stakeholders in key markets as well as a two-day brand equity & positioning workshop at our client’s headquarter in Petaluma.

capture life

Based on these results we adapted Lowepro’s brand equity and condensed it to the new global tagline “Capture Life”. This phrase is easily understood around the world and encapsulates the USP and aspiration of the brand: While the word ‘capture’ reveals Lowepro’s primary focus on producing camera bags, the word ‘life’ brings across the explorative nature and appreciation for the Great Outdoors of its legendary founder and dedicated staff.

Lowepro you spoke we listened
Lowepro key viual zooom
Lowepro KV you spoke we listened zooom
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The best thing about memories is making them

We headed out to a lake North of LA for a one-day photo shoot. This enabled us to create a distinct look & feel and develop detailed photo guidelines so that Lowepro’s brand ambassadors and social media managers can easily recreate the look at upcoming photo shoots.

lowepro capture life



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