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Since the entire planet has entered a state of confusion, challenge and transformation, people’s minds are oscillating between optimism, pessimism and ignorance - depending on their respective newsfeeds. By offering these 9 simple observations to the ongoing discourse, we want to point towards a truth beyond the face of adversity and keep the positive spirit alive. So please feel free to read on, take out what feels right to you and most importantly: 

Stay healthy!

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Never before in our lifetimes have we encountered a situation comparable to this. For the first time in history, we are all in some way affected by the same thing at the same time, no matter where we live or how we earn a living. And while this surely is everything else but a pleasant state to be in, it can be a comforting realisation that we all stand united in these times of crisis. We are all in the same boat, together.

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We can’t know all the answers right now. Like how life will continue after, or what the future holds. This applies to everything from the society at large to your specific business, no matter if it's gardening or advertisement. But: We can sustain a positive mindset. Humanity is strong, and together we will get through this. There has never been a better time to connect with yourself, with others, and to feel how strong we really are – as an individual, as a business, as a society.

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Even though new ideas were popping up everywhere in the last decade, quite often they weren't followed through. Partly because the ever increasing speed of life consumed all of our energies; partly because it simply is quite hard to change a running system. But now, all of a sudden, “what always worked” becomes questionable. Suddenly there is time. We are forced into a state of experimentation – and might just come out of it implementing some things permanently. If we manage to extract some positive aspects from this crisis, and new ways to live life and do business, we win a lot.

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A fresh perspective for the “time after” includes a new communication culture, efficiency tweaks, project- and process-optimization, and greater acceptance of alternative working models. It can also change how we ask questions and find answers in general. Where there has been immense pressure in society and business to have all the answers ready immediately, we might just have rediscovered the value of taking our time, evaluating decisions thoroughly and thinking them through to the end. To be fast and on point is vital,
and will always continue to be so, as the competition does not sleep. But allowing just that bit of extra time can change the quality of an outcome drastically. And that's no news, to be honest.

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“The movement towards a more sustainable life, more awareness and less consumption was just gaining momentum – and then THIS!”
Rest assured, an increasing number of experts predict that the current crisis might accelerate this exact movement even further. Lots of brands have started using their voice to spread positive messages early on, reminding people about their innate strength, the value of solidarity and the importance of the so-called “little things”. It is up to each one of us to understand this unique moment in history as a chance and not just as a threat. Using our channels and efforts to spread messages reflecting truth, creativity and positivity is a reward in itself – tomorrow, just as much as today.

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No matter if in life or in business: Creativity changes the world for the better. For marketers and advertisers especially, creativity is essential and will become even more so. Before the recent burst for likes and the diminishing of attention spans, it was already vital to deliver a fresh, unique and creative approach to communication, that people can relate to. To understand that the true value lies in the original idea, not in the channel in which it is distributed. In a world that shows us “everything is relative” with such immediacy, originality proves to be a fundamental constant.

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What was true before the crisis will be true afterwards: Brands have to tell stories that move people. Ever since we gathered around a fire in ancient times, we have learned to love stories and storytellers. And good storytellers know what good stories are made of: The same essential truths, covered in many different costumes. This does not mean that every story has to be documenting reality - but its core has to be made out of a shiny, universal truth. If a story is truthful and tells something that is important to people, they will like it. It's as simple as that.

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Fact: The requirement that people stay home and physical shops remain closed has resulted in an increase of digital business that will continue for some time. It has already been tough times for “real-world”- only business, even before the crisis. But: while it always was a good decision for most companies to use digital distribution channels and be present on social media, digital did not suddenly become the answer for everything. While digital experiences have their place and are a great way to enhance our life and business, they will never be able to beat the real thing. Everybody that had to stay at home for a few weeks now, surrounded only by their devices, will enthusiastically nod their head to that.

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9 simple observations 9

After skyrocketing for some years now, total acceptance of wearing sweatpants in public is unstoppable. A new culture of comfort arose in our homes and will devour society as a whole. The late Karl Lagerfeld would not be amused.



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