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Growing the cooph brand channel

We set out with a mission to build a platform for people passionate about photography, sharing awesome DIY photography tutorials full of tips, tricks and hacks through the COOPH YouTube channel. It is an epic milestone reaching 1 million subscribers but by far the greatest reward is knowing that there are so many enthusiastic photographers out there finding inspiration in our videos.

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A big celebration

The start of our 2020 couldn’t have been better as we hit the one million subscribers mark in the very first week of January. Our team was so thrilled we threw a party to fit the theme: A Millionaire’s Ball. The celebration was a testament to the hard work of our team and continuous support of the COOPH Community.

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Creation to content

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of content creation and distribution. As technology moves forward at an incredible rate, so do we. 
We constantly create exciting content that’s presented to our audience in a credible and authentic way. We come up with crazy ideas, tricks, tips and hacks; like this video all about innovative macro photography ideas:

We know how to share

Our goal is never to make big flashy product commercials, but rather to challenge our team and community with new ways to photograph- all with the ‘tested by COOPH’ seal of approval.

COOPH provides product integration in our videos, but not before our team puts the product to the test. If it matches our high-quality standards of approval in various categories such as product benefits, usability, and fun factor; we are happy to share it with our community. We love to integrate amazing new products into our videos in a natural way because each one gives our audience new ideas to go out and create. All the videos are shared via COOPH social media channels on a regular basis as well as distributed within global press releases to relevant special interest media. Plus, we know the secret to growing your community and views lies in well-planned video seeding.

If you have a product you’d like to feature, check out how we can seamlessly integrate it in our videos, like this one:

Press play

Exciting products, together with entertaining content creation and a smart content distribution schedule, are the keys to success. Trust us, our number one video has over 20 million views.

Find out the perfect fit

Is your product ready to be tested by COOPH? Get in contact with us, we are happy to share some ideas with you.

Please note: 
For applications please use the form provided at the end of every job listing.
Due to the new GDPR regulations, we cannot accept any other form of online applications. 

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